Welcome to Sai Raj Beach Resort, Tarkarli

A little tropical paradise with a turqoise blue sea at its doorstep and an endless stretch of fine white sand beach, Sai Raj Beach Resort is an intimate resort in Tarkarli with spacious beach cottages set lined with coconut trees.
This hotel in Tarkarli has beach side cottage with four spacious rooms. Amongst very few hotels in Tarkarli which specializes in accommodation for groups Sai Raj Beach Resort also serves delicious Malvani cuisines prepared in the traditional Malvani culinary style.
There is no dearth of space in this beach resort. With hammocks and seating arrangements made under the shade of numerous coconut palms in the resort, Sai Raj Beach Resort is the place you need to head for if your idea of an ideal holiday is to relax in natures lap!!
If you can bear to leave the ocean front views of the resort there is lots to see and do in Tarkarli. Amongst the very few places in India where you can enjoy S.C.U.B.A diving and snorkeling, Devbaug - Tarkarli is also gaining in popularity as the main water sports destination in Maharashtra thanks to the Tsunami island off the Devbaug coast.

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